Random Thoughts

School is back in session, so our wedding planning is not as active as it was. I have been very busy with the start of the school year, but (yet) have had the time to think of these very random thoughts...

1. My license is up for renewal on 11/08/09. By that time, I will be Emily Beal, not Emily Daoust. Weird.

2. The students I have this year will be the last students to know me completely as Ms. Daoust. (However, since most of my students just call their teachers "Miss" or "Mister," I guess it doesn't really matter!)

3. This will be my last birthday, Thanksgiving & Christmas as Emily Daoust.

4. Will it be confusing, in the future, for people at school when my stuff is labeled with Daoust?

5. Beal is a great name to adopt. Much easier to spell and pronounce than Daoust. (However, Daoust is still a kick-ass name!)

6. I am getting married! (With all of the school activity, I actually forgot that we will be having a wedding! I even forgot about my dress! Gasp!)

OK...that is all for now! Hope all of you are doing well!


Anonymous said...

Wow...some really random thoughts there. As for #4....it will only be cofusing when the kids you have now are gone, and the kids who never knew you as Daoust see that name on stuff. They'll ask you if you stole it! )At least, that's how my speds think!)


Anonymous said...

Regardless of what some piece of paper may say....you will ALWAYS
be a DAOUST! (that too is genetic, in more ways than one!)

And it is a DAMN good name, difficult to pronounce, but how many people can say they are related to Jon Daoust, (you've got to get the pronounciation to get that one!)

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to expand on my previous comment: in no way was that intended to cast a shadow on the name Beal. It is a fine name and "Emily Beal" actually sounds quite fine. Nor do I propose that there be any 'Hyphenation' (god forbid!)....But Daoust is a truly fine name and as I stated...'you will always be a Daoust!'
So enjoy the old name until
10-10-09, at which time you will begin enjoying the name that you will have for the rest of your life, and will undoubtedly have for more years than you had 'Daoust'


Anonymous said...

Good Lord~ Who let that guy on?


cltgrace said...

Aunt Emily works with either name. No confusion here at all. :o) Have a great day at school today!

Randy Beal said...

Seeing the length of P's comments has me worried about the reception. There will be a short time limit there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Randy...
Spoken like a true smartass, and we all know who has been training you!