Mission Accomplished!

I accomplished my mission on Thursday: I said "YES" to a dress!

The whole experience was wonderful, but was both mentally & physically exhausting! I had no idea that it would be such a difficult decision to make. We started our mission at 12:30pm and didn't make our final decision until nearly 7pm!

I printed out a few ideas to take with me, but I was definitely willing to try on anything. While my consultant went to pull a few of the ones I found online, I browsed a rack that was right near my dressing room. That is when I came across the dress that eventually became "the one." It is a few sizes too big and is being discontinued, so it was the only one of its kind. It was the first one I tried on and I just loved it. However, I knew that I needed to try on others as well. (Pictures of some that I tried on are at the bottom of this post.)

Between 12:30pm and about 3:15pm, I tried on less than 10 dresses. I narrowed it down to three. I simply could not decide and my mom & sister were torn as well. I needed back up...and more time. I called my dad and best friend, Heather. I asked them both to meet me at David's at 5:15pm. Mom, Lizzie and I took a much needed break to get something to eat. We returned at 5:15pm and worked on making our decision. I ruled one out immediately once I saw the extra back fat that I had going on. (Hell to the no.) Now we were down to two and they were both very similar. I switched back and forth between the two and we finally decided!

I am so tempted to post a picture, but I don't want Randy to see it. It is beautiful and elegant and has beautiful detailing. It is ivory and is described as "strapless organza a-line" on the tag. I am shocked that I ended up with a strapless dress because I was determined to find a dress with sleeves. (I hate my arms.) When I put on "the one," my consultant brought over the sleeves that could be attached. My sister was NOT impressed and said that it made the dress look cheap. Looking at myself in the mirror again, I had to admit that I agreed with her. She told me that my arms didn't look as bad as I thought and that it wouldn't be difficult to tone them up for the wedding. Having them more tan will help, too. In addition, I completely forgot about them once my consultant put on the veil...and, wait for it....the tiara. I did not expect to want a tiara, but it, coupled with the veil, just completed the whole look.

Now, my next mission is this: find a veil and a tiara that will NOT cost $200 each. If anyone has any suggestions, let me hear them!

I have already "visited" my dress on my camera about 20 times since I got home that night. I uploaded the pictures to my computer and they look even better on a big screen. I haven't yet went to my parents' house to see it...but I just might soon! (We got to leave with it because it is being discontinued. We'll take it back early next summer to begin the alterations.)

Thank you to Lizzie, Mom, Papa and Heather (& Connor) for helping me decide. Another thank you to Mom for buying! And, to my sister who hates shopping, thank you from the bottom of my heart for going and being so great!

I can't wait for everyone to see it....especially Randy!

This was one of the finalists.

Too plain...which is originally what I thought I wanted!

One of the final three.

I tried this one on for my mom only. Yikes.

I liked this one from the very beginning, but it looked terrible on my short stature.

This one just didn't hold a candle to any of them.


cltgrace said...
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cltgrace said...

Congratulations on finding THE dress! No doubt that the dress will be gorgeous. Thanks for a preview of the finalists. Can't wait to see the winner!

Anonymous said...

I had an absolutely wonderful day with you and Lizzie on Thursday...one that I'll cherish forever! And to think we didn't even have to unleash the spider monkey! I am looking forward to sharing more moments with you as you prepare to become Mrs. Randall Beal! I can hardly wait!! Get ready, Randy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily!! Glad you found your dress. It is a VERY overwhelming experience. I got my veil and head piece at this place called To Know Aveil. It's this lady that runs the business out of her basement. She is AWESOME!! She makes the veils herself. I think my veil and headpiece were around 200.00 total. If you want more info let me know and I can pass along her number to you. Good Luck!!!
Julie Van Acker (Wharry)

Dominique said...

Congrats Emily. A great place to get a veil is To Know A Veil in Minooka. Laurie actually told me about them. There was a veil I LOVED in David's but I was not paying that much. They made is for about $60 there. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I didn't think I'd end up with a strapless either, but once I tried on "the dress," that was it. I'm so happy for you!

I can't help you with veil advice, since I was a sucker and spent $280 on mine. I just used my sister's tiara -- and by the way, if you want to borrow it, it's yours.

Looking forward to the next update. Have you guys gotten around to thinking about the cake? Because the cake tasting was my favorite part, personally. ;)


Anonymous said...

I went to To Know A Veil as well. It was in Shorewood at the time. Great price, great job and not to mention two very hilarious visits... lady was a "stitch"(Oh, yes. I went there. I am such a cheese).


Anonymous said...

You're going to be gorgeous! I'm glad that you were able to find a dress! Mahlberg

Anonymous said...

Congrats Emily. I too ending up getting the first dress I tried on and it ended up being a strapless--- never thought I could pull it off. I will bring you my tiara and veil for you to try on. No obligation! Christine

Bob said...

I can't offer you a tiara, but I can offer the other Emily in my life to use as a stole in case you get chilly in your beautiful gown. Deal? :) Congrats on the dress!