What Do You Think?

Should we scratch some of our plans and throw a Duggar wedding?

For those of you who didn't see any of the wedding episode, a Duggar wedding serves NO alcohol and prohibits dancing.



Planning, Planning and Wanting it to be Here Already!

Nothing more has officially planned, but Randy & I did print out a "to-do" list from theknot.com. It will hopefully help us focus on what needs to be done in the next 272 days...

We have tickets to a bridal show at the Rialto on January 18th and we are hoping to find a florist & cake company. We have heard great things about the bridal show at the Rialto, so I'm looking forward to it!

I have recently discovered the message boards on theknot.com and am slowly becoming addicted. I have learned that most of the brides on there are REALLY (read: obsessively) into planning and also use many, many abbreviations I don't know! I have posted some questions about curly haired brides (are there any who have hairstyle suggestions??) and have asked for some suggestions about some wheelchair accessible services.

After reading a post by one "knottie," I suggested to Randy that we open and start our registry. We did that this morning and have a few items on our lists. It is fun, but we have decided that we will have to do certain things in the store. I am imagining that as a very time-consuming and exhausting excursion! Anyone have an "must-register-for" suggestions?

We also will need to put a lot of time into creating our invitations. We have already chosen them, but need to spend time entering the correct wording and also need to determine an appropriate date for the RSVP deadline. Any suggestions from you all?

Our planning should pick up now that it is 2009, so I'll keep you all posted!