I know that I haven't blogged in a while, but since we planned so much over the summer, I haven't had much to update!

We recently went to have an engagement photo taken. It was complimentary with our package and needed to be taken a year prior to the wedding. We wanted to have it taken before our next payment was due in order to kill two birds with one stone. We went to the studio on Tuesday and had it done. We went with a casual style...Randy wore a black button-up shirt with jeans and I wore a shirt with a green, black and white pattern with jeans. The whole experience took less than a half hour and our photographer, Larry, made me feel like a superstar! I don't really like having my picture taken since I don't like most pictures of me. However, Larry made me feel like I was made for the camera! We will get to see the proofs in about 10 days or so and will go back to the studio to make a decision on which one we like best. If I can, I'll post it on here...or you can look for it in the Joliet Herald News since my father will be posting it with our engagement announcement as soon as he gets his hands on it!

After leaving the studio, Randy and I felt even better about our decision to go with Fred Fox and our photographer, Larry Fox. He is fabulous!

Wishing it was September 2009...


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing that picture. I bet it will turn out fabulous!


cltgrace said...

Glad it was a pleasant experience for you guys! Happy day to you & a great week!