87 Days and Counting...

With the help of my wonderful fiancé and his fantastic wedding planning skills, we have everything finished for our big day! We just have little details and some day-of stuff to straighten out now.

Near the end of June, my mom and I met with Wanda at To Know a Veil and purchased a custom made veil for a fraction of the big bridal shop prices. (You know I love a deal!) We went with a very simple look since there is a lot of beautiful detail on the dress. Wanda will also make some modifications to my tiara to help my hairdresser fasten the tiara to my hair. So far, I would highly recommend Wanda based on her honest opinions and great prices!

A few days after that appointment, Randy and I met with Cathy of Cathy’s Sweet Creations to taste some cakes and plan/order our wedding cake. Cathy was very professional and knowledgeable about everything and served us some wonderful cake samples. I had a vision in my mind about how I wanted the cake to look and found something very, very similar in Cathy’s photo books. She worked with my vision and the photo and we planned out a very simple yellow cake with chocolate mousse filling. We are planning to coordinate with our florist and use flowers for the cake topper. Like To Know a Veil, I would highly recommend Cathy’s Sweet Creations based on our experience with Cathy so far!

After leaving the bakery, we headed out to the mall to get Randy measured for his tux. Randy went in with an idea about how he wanted the men to look on the big day and we easily found the color and vest style that would complete his idea.

Yesterday, I took my dress and shoes back to David’s Bridal for my first alterations appointment. The process was painless and easy and I left even more in love with my dress than I was before! The dress is gorgeous and very comfortable. I cannot wait to see it with the tiara & veil and show it off to the world! I am pleased at my progress with my arm toning and my tan looked good with the dress. The plan for the bustle looks good and will allow the detail on the back of the dress to be displayed. My fabulous shoes need to be broken in a bit, but that is easy enough! I have planned to pick it up on September 18th. (Side note: That is the day before my bachelorette party!)

We have been working on getting our invitations ready. Labels have been made and stamps have been purchased. Just need to put everything together and get them in the mail!

Next upcoming event: OUR SHOWER! (Don’t forget to RSVP!) I am really looking forward to this…I feel like it will really kick off our wedding events!


Abby said...

Things are coming along! So excited for you...the shower is just the beginning of all the fun!

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