No Break on the Planning Front!

I was on Spring Break this past week and took advantage of the time off to check off some wedding to-dos.

At the beginning of the week, Randy and I decided to head out to Target & Bed, Bath and Beyond to add to our registries in person. We already had quite a few items on each registry after starting them online in January, but knew that we needed to see certain things in person to make a decision. We had good luck at Target, but found Bed, Bath and Beyond to be too crowded with merchandise. I don't even remember if we ended up adding anything new from BBB.

I must share with you a few things that I am really hoping are bought off of our registries...

The Fat Trapper: I will no longer pour fat down the drain of the sink. In my defense, I didn't realize that fat down the drain could be damaging.

Spoon Rest: How cool is this spoon rest? It is vertical, not horizontal!

Spice Rack: Never again will I have to rage when trying to find the spice(s) I need!

On Tuesday, I officially made my trial appointment for both my makeup and hair. I am fully trusting my stylist, Stefanie, to make the tiara and veil work with all of these curls! I know she will make it look fabulous!

Later in the week, we meet with Barb at Labo's to make floral arrangements. I put together a few inspirational photos for her to get an idea of what we liked, but really didn't have any specific requests. I don't know the names of any flowers and have no clue about what will be available in October or what will go with what! Here is what she will use as inspiration for my bouquet and the boutonnieres. The bridesmaids will have a smaller version of mine.

I spent time today getting supplies for the card box that we will use at the reception. I originally found the card box below on ebay, but refused to order one for $80+. I showed it to my dad and, of course, we determined that we could easily make something similar.

I also went to Things Remembered today and got the rest of the charms that we will use in memory of Randy's friend and groomsman, Matt McGraw. They will be attached to the boutonnieres of Randy and his groomsmen as a way to have Matt's presence at the wedding.

We have 196 more days to go...which is a far cry from when we had 400+ days to go! Thanks for reading and keeping up with us! We are really looking forward to the big day!


Anonymous said...

The flowers are GORGEOUS! Nice choice! Mahlberg

Abby said...

Cute background! :)

You are just crossing things off left and right! I love the flowers and the card box. And that spice rack!