Too Hot to Handle

I can't get over how warm it has been this weekend and it is causing me to worry about what the weather might be on 10/10/09.

I chose that date for our wedding for a few different reasons.

1. It will be a three day weekend for me and will give me a chance to recover from the weekend before going back to work. (We'll try a honeymoon later....)

2. It has a nice ring to it...10/10/09. Chances are that I will be able to remember it better! Randy is great with remembering those things...me not so much!

3. I always wanted a fall wedding...but September is too early and my birthday is in November. (Don't want to have too many celebrations in one month!)

and most importantly...

4. The weather in October is beautiful and just the right amount of "cool." But after feeling the temperature this weekend, I hope it really be cooler in '09!

Let's start praying for cooler temps now!


Randy Beal said...

I hope it will be cooler. I'll start praying now. Love ya babe!

cltgrace said...

Actually, this is two years in a row this weekend as been really hot. Gracie & friends spent the day at the beach yesterday. I recall we went to the beach last year as well round this time or it might have been a bit later. I see a trend here - maybe we should have a beach wedding??

Anonymous said...

It will be perfect...I'm sure of it.


Anonymous said...

Your wedding day will be perfect. How do I know? I got married in the middle of August (when it had been 90 most of the month) and on our wedding day, the high was 70 degrees- perfect for August.


Anonymous said...

m. o'hara let me know about the festivities. so much fun and congrats..xo cate ryan